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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 announced

Submitted by on Monday, 14 December 2009No Comment

Star Wars: The Force Unleasher 2LucasArts will follow up the popular Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with a sequel next year.

Announced at the VGAs – and by Samuel L. Jackson no less – The Force Unleashed 2 will continue the Dark Apprentice’s saga.

The footage below, though unfortunately not containing a single frame of in-game footage, is still worth a watch. We get to see Starkiller, this time as a slightly older and more mature instrument of destruction, walk moodily along while voices from his past assault him before he ultimately arrives at a mammoth confrontation.

The first The Force Unleashed was a strange fruit. Lauded for its compelling story and character development (some reviewers felt its plot was better than the bone fide prequels), despite some cool physics effects, elements of the gameplay were frustrating and repetitive at times.

Here’s hoping the team at LucasArts can “do an Assassin’s Creed” and take on board the criticisms of their first game and build a superior sequel.

The force is strong in this one.