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Uncharted 2 updated with less loading, clan tags and more

Submitted by on Monday, 21 December 2009One Comment

Uncharted 2Everyone’s favourite action adventure game for the PS3 has been updated again, adding in some minor but worth noting features.

Again Naughty Dog has improved the online multiplayer experience further, which should make many fans very happy.

As well as some bug fixes, loading times have been decreased “significantly”. The maps are said to load a lot faster after the vote screen, meaning more killing and less waiting.

Now after you have finished playing a match, instead of you going back into the matchmaking screen in search of a new group of players, you will automatically stay in the same collection of gamers – like with most multiplayer experiences.

Of course you can still opt to leave the session, but this saves you a lot of time from finding new people to play with when you’re most probably happy where you are.

Additionally Naughty Dog has introduced clan tags to the game! Yes it isn’t full clan support, and nothing like the in-depth Killzone 2 features, but it is a good start in the right direction.

Finally the dogs have balanced the boosters to make the game fairer and better for everyone.

Those are the main features but for full details click here.

It is good to see that Naughty Dog are determined to make the multiplayer mode as good as the singleplayer to bring the game closer to perfection – if that is at all possible.