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White Knight Chronicles International Edition gets a release date

Submitted by on Saturday, 5 December 2009One Comment

WKC_Cover_11242009BRPGs fans rejoice! White Knight Chronicles International Edition will be releasing in North America on February 2, 2010!

WKC has been out in Japan for quite some time and has enjoyed some pretty good sales. While it is a shame that the game didn’t make it for a 2009 release, Level-5 has finally finished fully localizing the game and it’s now just two months away! Excited? Of course you are.

According to the PlayStation Blog, here is what you can expect in White Knight Chronicles:

The International Edition not only includes the fully localized copy of White Knight Chronicles, but it also comes with the following additional features and content:

  • Over 50 disc-based online quests. You can complete these quests solo, or cooperatively with up to three other players to gain extra gear and experience. (That’s just on the disc. Wait until you hear what else we’ll have at launch!)
  • Voice Chat. Need we say more? =)
  • The Georama. Build an online village for your character where you can invite friends to complete quests online and purchase unique items and gear.
  • Live Talk. Leonard and his companions will have side conversations during gameplay, adding a little more character to your travels through the world of White Knight Chronicles.

Unfortunately the game will not be including the original Japanese voices, but support for multiple languages do exist. WKC will have subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. All the voice acting will be done in English, however. For whatever reason, the game will not be supporting vibration functionality either. Why? Who the hell knows. This isn’t a time to nitpick though, the wait has been almost unbearably long.

So what about Europe? Never fear, a release date will be announced soon! Until then, enjoy the kickass boxart from the US version of the game. Also, don’t forget that Level-5 wants to know if you want a Dark Cloud sequel, so go crazy with requests!