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X-Factor to get the PlayStation treatment?

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 December 20092 Comments

xfactorLove it or loathe it, you can’t get away from The X-Factor in the UK. The big “singing” contest in Britian is watched by millions each week with the series finale coming this weekend.

But it turns out Simon Cowell is not satisifed with this huge success and he is focusing more of his attention on the gaming industry.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the rich man with the high trousers admitted that he could have even more money in his pockets by jumping into the gaming market:

I should have had 20 games [by now]. If you’ve got a game that’s worth more than our shows and we’re in 100 countries, something is a bit out of control. X-Factor should have been the initial vehicle to have Activision come to us and say: ‘You’ve got all the [consumer] traffic. Can you help launch Guitar Hero?

But there’s more. Simon’s business partner for a new entertainment brand, Philip Green, was speaking to Sony CEO Howard Stringer not so long ago, where they discussed the benefits of a partnership together between the two companies. He explains:

He came to London and we got on well. Without being rude or conceited, he knew what we were on to was going to shape the future… He sent his Board [over] from New York. “I said [to them]: ‘Look at what we can do together. You’ve got massive manufacturing capability. You’ve got retail business. You’ve got PlayStation. You’re one of the biggest TV suppliers in the world. He [Cowell] is one of the most watched men on TV!… Suddenly, people started to say: ‘You’re right.

Although we have seen a X-Factor game in the past for the PS2, this sounds like something much more.

If anything comes out of this is yet to be seen but you can expect a large increase in interest in Sony brands such as PlayStation if this venture goes ahead as The X-Factor shares a very similar target audience.

What do you think about this news? Would you embrace the partnership or run away? The comments section is open as usual.