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Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 beta prompts 130 changes/fixes

Submitted by on Monday, 11 January 2010No Comment

It appears that the PS3 exclusive Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta was successful as DICE have come up with a list of 130 changes and fixes that are being made to the game.

The majority of the list consists of weapon and damage adjustments along with some tweaks to vehicles and otherĀ aesthetics.

Here are just a few of the changes that have been made.

  • Completely reskinned the weapons and scopes for much improved visual quality.
  • The reddot sight no longer has a FOV penalty compared to iron sights.
  • Pistols now have the same FOV level as other weapons in iron sights.
  • Tons of weapon tweaks to improve the balance of play.
  • Increased accuracy when stationary and aiming for better first shot accuracy.
  • Decreased accuracy when moving and aiming, especially for sniper rifles.
  • Several gun specific balance tweaks to bring them in line with the other weapons of that class.
  • Lowered the damage of the XM8 and F2000 at close range.
  • Lowered the damage of the AN94 at long range.
  • Raised the accuracy of the M16’s burst.
  • Lowered the damage of the Type88 LMG.
  • Raised the damage of the MG3.
  • Raised the damage of the M249.
  • Fixed the recoil of the M249 when equipped with a reddot sight.
  • Lowered the damage of the SMGs and Carbines at extreme range.
  • Lowered the accuracy on the move for the SCAR-L, AKS-74u, and the XM8c.
  • Raised the damage of shotguns, especially for the pump shotguns and slugs.
  • Semiauto and Auto snipers and slug shotguns cannot 1 shot headshot at extreme range.

To see the full list, head on over to the official BFBC2 blog or simply click here. Anything you can think of that didn’t make the list? Be sure to leave a comment and let them know.

In case you weren’t able to get in on all the action, there is a PC beta scheduled to launch later this month in addition to a console demo closer to the game’s release.