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BradyGames reveals rapturous Official BioShock 2 Guide

Submitted by on Friday, 29 January 20103 Comments

BradyGames have announced a new addition to their Signature Series and Limited Editions. Bioshock 2 will have its own guide, which will be available from the 9th February.

But what will they have to offer us this time?

BradyGames announced today that they have been working alongside 2K Games on the BioShock 2 Signature Series guide. They had this to say:

The only officially-licensed, 256-page Signature Series survival guide (Limited Edition is 272-pages) features a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire single-player campaign; extensive area maps including the location of every secret, safe and enhancement; in-depth listings of all items, weapons and Plasmids; expert multiplayer maps and tactics so that gamers can dominate online; full Achievements and Trophies listed; and with the hardcover Limited Edition Guide also offering one of two sets of 8×10 lithographs of stunning¬†BioShock 2-themed art bundled with each hardcover guide […] and will be released alongside the game on 9th February 2010, with an RRP of ¬£12.99 for the Signature Series book and ¬£19.99 for the Limited Edition hardcover that includes bonus content.

By the sounds of it, BradyGames are putting a lot of effort into making this guide as comprehensive as the rest of their collection.

How many of you use strategy guides? If you don’t, what would it take for you to get one?