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Calling All Cars: The Last Hurrah

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 January 20102 Comments

As we reported back in October, the online servers for Calling All Cars are unfortunately closing on January 14th. We’re going to give the game its last bit of online love before the end and you are invited!

The servers for Calling All Cars have never been that packed, but there was definitely a loyal bunch of fans that played the game regularly at one point. For such a long time though, absolutely nobody was online anymore. It’s such a shame that nothing ever happened with the game beyond its initial release.

That’s right, Calling All Cars was never supported post launch, so we never got to see any cool DLC or trophies, and despite the fact that the game was free if you purchased a Qore subscription, nothing was done to keep our interests. According to David Jaffe before he re-disappeared from the internet, Sony never asked for anything else to be done with the title. Considering how the game is multiplayer centric, it doesn’t make much sense as to why Sony didn’t push for expanded content.

Calling All Cars isn’t the best game to hit the PSN, but it’s fun and that’s what really matters. The game supports up to 4 players online and features four maps with a variety of vehicles to choose from and unlock. The game even allows for split-screen online play. Even without an online mode Calling all Cars is a fun pick up and play title, it just lacks content.

For those that are unaware, the goal of the game is simple. A criminal tries to escape and you have to capture him and take him back to jail. There are a variety of ways to bring the criminal back to jail which includes taking him to the jailhouse itself, a blue or red paddy wagon, or a helicopter. After successfully taking a criminal to one of these spots, you would be rewarded points. The amount gained depends on the method used, and the player with the most points wins the match.

It’s not easy successfully bringing in a criminal to the jail. When you ram into an opponent that has a convict, the criminal goes flying into your car. Imagine this idea but with four players constantly ramming each other trying to hold onto that convict until they finally reach the goal. This can go on for a very long time and it’s a lot of fun. The levels themselves even have special gimmicks to them, and one of them includes the jail being covered with ice. This makes capturing the criminal using that method temporarily impossible and it almost always happens at the worst possible times.

Back in December we asked if anyone would want to play Calling all Cars online before the servers close and some of our readers expressed interest. At 7pm CST tonight we will be playing the game online, so bring some friends and enjoy the game online while it lasts! We will also be playing the game tomorrow night at 7PM CST and we’ll be on until the servers kick us off or until we fall asleep. We will remind everyone on the PS3Attitude twitter account when the games will begin, and we’ll be recording the final online moments. Feel free to send a friend request to Delriach, although since the game doesn’t have an invite system, that isn’t necessary.

What did you think of Calling All Cars? Leave us a comment with your thoughts, memories, and tears.