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The new Critter Crunch update is delicious

Submitted by on Sunday, 31 January 20103 Comments

This past Friday, Critter Crunch got an extremely yummy update with new features, tweaks, and bug fixes that make an already awesome game even better. Om Nom Nom Nom!

Hopefully everyone that missed out on Critter Crunch took advantage of the fact that it was on sale last week for only $3.49. While the deal may be over, the support for the game is not.

Here are the full patch notes:


  • XMB Audio support
  • language select available for all!
  • Hey losers! You get a little XP even if you lose in multiplayer


  • Player feedback regarding DIFFICULT LEVELS has been taken to heart. Tough levels got a little less insane!
  • Coop networking tweaks to decrease pesky lag
  • Multiplayer “Disconnects” are now awarded more accurately
  • Catching a jewel while feeding glorious vomit to your son will no longer interrupt you
  • Your rank will now be retrieved more reliably when playing Adventure


  • No more annoying audio glitch
  • No more Wins/Losses upload issues when the server is in ‘maintenance’ mode**
  • Player score for Challenge levels now correctly handled in ALL cases
  • “Barf Success” icon now shows up correctly in ALL cases
  • “King of the Jungle” Trophy now successfully unlocks correctly even with a score of 0

This update is so good and it’s only a 17MB download. Enjoy!