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Dark Void developer diary talks newness, jetpacks

Submitted by on Friday, 15 January 2010No Comment

By now we hope you’ve checked out the Dark Void demo available on the PSN.

Our take on the bite-sized sample of Capcom’s upcoming jet-pack centric adventure is that it feels a little like Uncharted meets The Rockateer.

In the latest developer diary, however, the team talk about just how fresh and new the property actually is. From the “nuances of performance”, to how the studio itself is a mix of old heads and new blood.

The video comes highly recommended as it showcases some more of the action behind the title. Truth be told, from what we can see below, it appears the somewhat safe and generic feel found the demo is merely due to when in the game the demo takes place. We’re thinking things are going to get bigger and better when our jet-pack wearing protagonist delves further into the Void.

Speaking of protagonists, it is interesting to learn how Airtight Games went through five to ten iterations before landing on the final look and attitude of main character William Augustus Grey. Really? That many? And you settle for what looks like a subtle version of Nathan Drake? Maybe it’s because Nolan North is providing Will’s voice but, we can’t help but feel a strong connection between the two characters.

Via Joystiq