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GamesMaster scores Final Fantasy XIII 81% – The Internet is going to explode

Submitted by on Friday, 29 January 20108 Comments

In what we consider to be a fairly big surprise, GamesMaster magazine has scored Final Fantasy XIII a respectable – but fairly underwhelming – 81%.  So what’s the big deal?

While most of us would be happy if someone rated us 8 out of 10 in the game of life, Final Fantasy games are always surrounded by hype and a sense of excitement; and this normally ends up in a game scoring 90%+.

Final Fantasy XIII has been in development for what seems like an eternity and expectations are sky high.  The reviewer at GamesMaster thought the following;

“[It’s] wondrous, yes, but a tad soulless,’  The vast majority of locales seem sadly impersonal and static.

There’s not enough raw game packed into the 35-40 hours it takes to complete the narrative.

And that leaves us with a distressing situation – a Final Fantasy game scoring less than 90%. Dear friends, we’re as shocked as you.”

He then went on to call it;

“A classic example of style over substance.”

Of course this has split the Internet in two; with one group proclaiming that this is the end of Final Fantasy, while the other group defends it to the hilt.

We feel that now is the time to chip in with a big slice of reality pie.  PS3 Attitude never scores games – ever. We think it is at times like this when you can see how beneficial a review system likes ours is.

A lot of people will have flicked straight to the score, which in this case definitely overshadows the most important thing – the opinion.

Lets face it, if you were previously planning to get Final Fantasy, it’s more than likely that you are still going to get it now.

Always remember – a review is just that person’s opinion, and unless the game is fundamentally broken, there’s every chance you might love what the reviewer hated.

Although seriously, 81%? We’re so writing them an angry letter!