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Final Fantasy XIV website updated, game details released

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 January 2010One Comment

The Final Fantasy XIV website has been updated today with details on character creation and the official story.

Plus, some new images have emerged, showing off the game’s fantastic visuals.

The character creation system is said to be simple and comprehensive. Players will be able to choose a clan as well as race!

A collection of preset faces and hair styles will be available that can be finely adjusted for maximum personalisation – almost every character online should be unique. You can even add tattoos and scars.

There is also a new synopsis for the game. It is said to be based ten years since “fearsome beings” known as primals first appeared, and were summoned forth by the beast tribes. The tribes are still swimming in power that was granted to them by the primal, and are causing havoc for the people of Eorzea.

The Garlean Empire has destroyed the once flourishing city of Ala Mhigo, and there is little hope for things to change. But a new power has emerged known only as the Echo. They are said to “cause the souls of those touched by it to resonate with others”. With this experience, the person is said to inhabit the ability to relive their past experiences.

The game is currently due for sometime this year, which should guarantee two great new Final Fantasy experiences on the PS3 all in 2010.

Now, we would show you the screenshots here but they are undownloadable so you’ll just have to click here.

We’re still waiting for the promised PS3 beta, so hopefully it isn’t too far away but most likely it will be after Final Fantasy XIII releases.

Hopefully not too long before the website updates again either!