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Fist of the North Star Musou screenshots

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 January 2010No Comment

“You are already dead.”

Fist of the North Star is awesome and the game based off the series seems to be coming along quite well. The appearances are accurate and the graphics look very good, especially considering how this is a Dynasty Warriors game.

The gameplay itself looks to do Fist of the North Star some justice. We haven’t seen much high quality in-game footage yet, but the basic foundations are all present, complete with exploding body parts. In the screenshots below we get to see Rei and Mamiya as playable characters in addition to Kenshiro.

Hokuto Musou releases in Japan on March 25th. There is currently no word of the game coming to NA or EU, but we really hope so. Koei doesn’t even need to add English voices, just translate the dialogue like SEGA has done for Yakuza 3. That would actually be preferred since nothing beats hearing the original “Atatatatatatata-WATA!!!” in action.