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Raise a glass to four new writers

Submitted by on Monday, 25 January 20105 Comments

We’re an ever-expanding team here at PS3 Attitude, and today we’d like to share the news that four new writers are joining the team.

Volunteering to write in order that we can help generate as much charity money as possible in 2010 (and beyond), these four intrepid souls will be brightening your day with PlayStation news, views, reviews and interviews alongside our existing team of Staff Writers.

Keeping with PS3 Attitude tradition, you’ll get to know our new writers by their on-line monikers, so without further ado let us introduce you to the first of our fantastic four, Folken24.

Folken24 frankly admits “I don’t have a degree in English or Journalism, but what I do have is a passion for gaming and a desire to inform people”. He gets extremely peeved when the games industry receives bad press undeservedly, and has been known to write in to certain national newspapers and TV programs to set them straight when they announce that “Bioshock forces you to kill innocent children”.

When he is not gaming or being an obsessive car/bike geek he enjoys reading (faster than Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, apparently) and spending time with his wife and little boy.

We asked him what kind of reptile he would be and why. The answer?

“I’m fairly sure I would be a Tuatara. Essentially, this little fella is the only remaining member of the Sphenodontia order of reptiles and has survived over 100 million years whilst watching everyone else die out. I don’t want to be a Crocodile because they get turned into bags, Snakes get turned into shoes and Turtles get turned into soup!”

Next up on the roll call is Seanoc.

Seanoc describes himself as “a gallus young lad who is thankful for his PlayStation for keeping him off the streets and out of mischief”. When he is not bashing away at those square and circle buttons, or languidly spreading out to watch a film, he is invariably in the pub or reading some classic literature. We hear he’s also a mean guitar player, and no – not just the plastic kind.

When asking Seanoc our now patented ‘reptile question’, here was his response:

“I would be a chameleon, a member of the Chamaeleonidae family. With stereoscopic eyes and the ability to blend into my surroundings, I can adapt to any situation. No one suspects the chameleon.”

Third on the list, but by no means first, second or fourth, is Stefhutch20.

A self-confessed gamer since he was nine years old (he got a PSone for Christmas) Stefhutch20 is particularly fond of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. “Although I enjoy a huge array of genres nowadays, platformers and action/adventure games still take the top spot in my collection”. He is currently studying English at University, but still finds plenty of time (some might say too much!) to spend on the PS3. “I’m very pleased to be writing for PS3 Attitude, and am looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring”.

Of course, we had to ask what reptile Stefhutch20 would be. His retort?

“I’d be a chameleon because then I could go anywhere I want and no-one would be able to see me – think of the possibilities!”

Someone tells us that Seanoc and Stefhutch20 might have been looking at each other’s homework!

Finally we would like to welcome Nixemus to the fold.

Nixemus is a composer by day, creating wonderful music wherever he goes. “In my spare time I play video games to relax, and I rely on my PS3 for pretty much all of my entertainment these days”. Nixemus applied to be a contributor on PS3 Attitude because he enjoys writing articles and he says we are “the least biased site” he could find. We’d love to agree, but that would require us having a skewed point-of-view!

Nixemus likes platformers, Harry Potter, John Cage and Doctor Who. He doesn’t like saxophones, essays, those pointless little groups on Facebook and the fact that Naughty Dog haven’t announced Jak & Daxter 4.

Fearing another chameleon, we asked him the reptile question. Would he also choose the colour-shifting cold-blooded quadruped?

“Turtle; everyone loves turtles”.

Phew! Lets just hope that Folken24 doesn’t try to turn him into soup.

So there you have it. Please raise your glass (of water, naturally) to our four new volunteers. Use the comments section below to say hello and welcome them to Attitude Towers.