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[UPDATE] Free Dragon Age: Origins items still on PS Store

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 January 20102 Comments

Everyone likes DLC, especially when it’s free, so here’s some equipment for Dragon Age: Origins that you might have missed.

You may not be aware that inputting ‘Dragon Age Origins’ with the search tab on the PlayStation Store will reveal a dozen free items for use in the game, which do not appear in the normal Dragon Age: Origins Add-On section of the Store. Many of these items have very useful properties and were originally part of pre-order bonuses or other special offers, yet they have inexplicably found their way onto the Store.

The twelve items are:

  • Blood Dragon Armor
  • Guildmaster’s Belt (belt)
  • Feral Wolf Charm (amulet)
  • The Wicked Oath (ring)
  • Memory Band (ring)
  • Band of Fire (ring)
  • The Lion’s Paw (boots)
  • Embri’s Many Pockets (belt)
  • The Lucky Stone (ring)
  • Mark of Vigilance (amulet)
  • Helm of the Deep (helmet)
  • The Edge (dagger)

These items have actually been on the Store since soon after the game’s launch, but we recently found that they are still available as long as you search for them, rather than browsing the Store.

Please note that these items only appear on the European Store.

Updated: January 27, 2010

Sony have been in touch with us to say that these packs are now 'only be available in-game as originally intended', which means that you can no longer download them for free from the PS Store. In other words, you had a good five or six hours to grab them following the release of our story, but now the opportunity has passed...