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God of War III impressions round-up, plus new screenshots

Submitted by on Monday, 18 January 20105 Comments

Today an embargo was lifted that meant a few sites could now tell us about a secret event held last month with Sony.

The event was all about God of War III and some of the press were invited – sadly we were not one of them.

But just because we weren’t doesn’t mean we don’t want to tell you all about it.

That’s why we have for you today a round-up of the demo impressions from some of the gaming press.

So do you have a clean pair of underpants? Then we’re ready to begin…

First of all it’s IGN who to say found it amazing is an understatement:

This game is going to be a visual spectacle. There are sweeping camera angles, constant action, the orientation of levels changes on a whim, and some truly jaw dropping graphics…

Next up is Destructoid who were equally impressed:

It has to be said that seeing is believing. We’ve been told about this Titan gameplay from the start, but it’s nearly impossible to adequately describe what it looks like when woven into the fast-paced action ofGod of War. Few games, if any at all, have been able to render so much on as epic a scale as what Sony Santa Monica will be delivering with God of War.

Now we turn to Gamesradar who offered their views on the big game of the year:

So what did we think? Spectacular. The entire fight scene, from the choreography, dynamic panning camera shots to the sweeping scale is absolutely megaton… 2010, say hello to your first potential killer-app.

We now hear from Joystiq who were surprised to see how much better it looks than expected:

[Compared to the E3 demo,] the graphical improvements were immediately noticeable: motion blur, depth of field, better lighting and special effects. However, it was the cinematic camera work and the incredibly inspired level design that really left an impression.

Finally it is PSM3‘s turn to give their own impression of the demo that they saw:

The big boss’s (literally) eye-popping detail lays any graphical doubts to rest… Kratos himself is ripped with finely detailed scratches and scars… From fiery chariots burning through the skies to freakish winged things gliding menacingly overhead, it all feels part of a hellishly intricate ancient Greek universe.

If you need any more reasons to justify pre-ordering this game, you will probably never ‘convert’. This short demo has impressed every critic we have seen here, and that only happens once in awhile!

Hopefully we will get to see this demo in action for ourselves before release, but for now here are some new and phenomenal screenshots!

[nggallery id=177]

Plus, a new trailer has emerged that teases the ‘Unearthing the Legend’ documentary in the God of War III Ultimate Edition. Watch it above.