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Sony demo Gran Turismo 5 in 3D at CES 2010

Submitted by on Monday, 11 January 2010One Comment

We all know 3D gaming is coming (probably thrown right at your face so as to get the most out of the effect) but reports of how games we’re already somewhat familiar with look and play using the old new technology have been a tad limited.

Until now.

Michael McWhertor, author over at Kotaku, got to play Polyphony Digital’s upcoming AAA racing simulator at CES2010 where Sony had it on display at their 3D booth. His impression? Something of a mixed bag, though, if we’re going to call it, there’s more pluses and minuses here.

Michael’s first concern was how learning to drive a car in the game paired with the added challenge of throwing 3D into the mix can make driving even harder in the game. Expect to over and under-steer your vehicle as you figure out just where everything actually is.

Most strikingly, the third dimensional effect works best on the HUD which “pops” in the cockpit; especially the steering wheel and hands.

” [… ] the PS3 game’s HUD popping against a cockpit that simulates a real feeling of depth, from the steering wheel and driver’s hands displaying in the foreground, down to the 3D vents in the dashboard. It was impressive.”

Remarking that the 3D effect was “tastefully done”, Matthew also expresses his concerns that his eyes took a lot longer to adjust to the new depth of field than he had hoped. Also:

“[…] it did have a drawback, as objects far in the distance and shadows cast on the car’s interior introduced a more noticeable moiré pattern effect when viewed in 3D.”

His final opinion is that the effect was interesting though doesn’t add too much appeal to the mix. For us mortals, getting on the new 3D bandwagon is going to be a pricely venture with the cost of a new 3D TV to take into consideration. At least we won’t have to buy a new console, as Sony plans to update the PS3’s firmware to support the technology later this year.