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Gravity Crash Anthems available to download tomorrow

Submitted by on Monday, 11 January 2010No Comment

We’re big fans of retro title Gravity Crash and believe it to be a “‘must buy’ for space shooter fans”.

So we were delighted when we heard that the 80s electronic soundtrack for the game was getting released separately.

From tomorrow, you will be able to purchase ‘Gravity Crash Anthems’ for just £9.99.

The album features full-length versions of the music from the PS3 and PSP game. Composed by Tim Wright, or better known as CoLD SToRAGE, this man is best known for his award winning work on the soundtracks to Wipeout and Colony Wars.

Tim Wright shares his love for composing the music on this game to the public:

Writing the score for this game was a total joy for me! Although I have to compose in all manner of styles based on the requirements of each project, my musical roots are firmly planted in the 80’s where I first discovered a love for electronic music.

Good to see that we will be able to listen to the great tunes from the game anywhere and everywhere!

The full track list can be found below and it can be downloaded here from Tuesday…

  1. Scarface – [04:37]
  2. Trex – [04:05]
  3. Vectribe – [04:18]
  4. G.R.P. – [04:31]
  5. Torment – [04:54]
  6. Krayola – [04:45]
  7. Andromeda – [04:52]
  8. Vectribe – Style over Substance Remix – [04:24]
  9. Cliff Diver – [04:24]
  10. Pantheon – [05:42]
  11. Querk – Off Planet Remix – [05:28]
  12. Carpaureum – Digital Prisoners Remix – [05:28]
  13. Querk – [05:01]
  14. Crash Punk – [04:15]
  15. Scarface – Six Five Eight One Remix – [03:42]
  16. Carpaureum – Super Avilyn 1984 Remix – [04:35]