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Hate the NA box art for Heavy Rain? Sony to the rescue!

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 January 20104 Comments

The reactions to the US box art for Heavy Rain have been pretty negative. Thankfully, Sony has a solution.

When looking at the comments regarding the newly revealed cover, it’s obvious that many people just don’t like it. Over at the PlayStation Blog the complaints have piled up and Sony has definitely taken notice.

No, the art isn’t going to be changed, Sony will instead provide a printable copy of the EU art for anyone that likes that version better.

Here is what the product manager, Cristian Cardona, had to say:

We’ll be doing that for those that would prefer the UK artwork. Keep an eye out on the blog around launch!

This seems like a reasonable solution, although this would require high quality printing and special paper for it to look authentic. Since a cover has two sides, it would be neat if we could just have both designs on it. If you don’t like the way one looks, just flip it around. That would be much better than the plain white inside cover that plague the majority of our games. Maybe the additional ink costs are just too much to make this a reality.


Cristian Cardona