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Lego Rock Band patched (again)

Submitted by on Saturday, 30 January 2010No Comment

Earlier yesterday Lego Rock Band was patched in Europe, bringing the game to version 1.02.

The features seem to be the same as the recent 1.01 patch released several weeks ago, but for unknown reasons it was later withdrawn by the developers leaving some users without the all-important bug fixes.

Thankfully, everything is now back up to date, and anyone who was unable to download the 1.01 update can now grab 1.02.

The main features of the patch are:

  • Downloaded songs that were previously greyed out are now playable.
  • The songs ‘Hysteria’ by Muse and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ by Oasis from the first Rock Band game are now playable (before the patch, if users attempted to play these songs, they were presented with a Disc Read Error and would have to restart the game).

As far as we’re aware, the above issues were only present on European versions of the game, so presumably the US will not be seeing a similar update, but we suggest keeping an eye on the Rock Band forums just in case.