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LittleBigPlanet shown to press in 3D, represents ‘genuine gameplay advantages’

Submitted by on Tuesday, 19 January 2010One Comment

Sony really thinks that 3D is the future. Although you really have to see it for yourselves to make your own judgement, it could be one of the big things for gamers this year.

Eurogamer reports that attendees at Evolution Studios yesterday had the chance to have a hands-on with Super Stardust HD and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

Gran Turismo 5 and LittleBigPlanet were also present in non-playable form. Gran Turismo 5 and Super Stardust HD have already been shown at CES, so there was nothing more to say about those games.

But apparently LittleBigPlanet actually worked really well in the third dimension:

The stereoscopic 3D has afforded the parallax scrolling landscapes a phenomenal sense of depth. In the original LittleBigPlanet there can be an element of confusion about which of the game’s platforms ‘live’ on which of the three planes of depth. Stereoscopic 3D puts an end to that, ensuring each of the parallax elements occupies its own distinct area within the 3D space.

Eurogamer recon that 3D for this game in particular represents “genuine gameplay advantages”!

Sony won’t commit to any release dates for games that will get the 3D treatment, but they will apparently release two firmware updates this summer: one to support 3D games, and one to support 3D movies. These updates are likely to coincide with the launch of Sony’s 3D range of TVs.

Gran Turismo 5 in HD withstanded mixed reviews from the critics at CES, but from the sound of it, 3D does work better in some games than others.

So are you prepared to buy a 3D TV this year? Do you think the technology will rise and fall in an instance? Please share your views in the comments.