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Lost Planet 2 website goes live

Submitted by on Friday, 29 January 20102 Comments

The website to Capcom’s upcoming game – Lost Planet 2 – is now live.  Capcom have stressed that this is only the first stage of the website, and urge fans to register now to avoid missing out on any updates.

The original Lost Planet was released in early 2007 to reasonable reviews.  Team Attitude enjoyed the single player campaign but found that some of the action became a tad repetitive.

The game also shipped with multi-player, and although Capcom did support it with DLC it faded fairly quickly.

Lost Planet 2 takes place on the artificially thawed out planet of E.D.N. III, and seems to have taken the original game and ramped everything up to maximum.  The locales look stunning, the bosses huge and the shooting mechanic feels solid.

Capcom have also shifted the focus of the game to Co-op play, be it with friends or bots.  You now have to work out a strategy to defeat the larger creatures, and it feels a lot like Monster Hunter in that respect.

We feel this adds an interesting twist to the game, and we hope that the computer controlled characters are up to scratch as that could be a real deal breaker.

Capcom Europe had this to say;

“War is coming to E.D.N. III, and it promises to rip the Lost Planet apart. has launched and in this 1st stage, offers a glimpse of the epic action in store for Lost Planet 2 players.

Over the coming weeks the world of E.D.N III will open up with new features, promotions and exclusive assets.”

Oh, did we mention it has giant mechanized suits in it – and that some of these suits can fly?