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MAG developers clarify errors; server patch incoming

Submitted by on Friday, 8 January 2010No Comment

Now that MAG is open to everyone and their 255 friend-killing grandma, Zipper have been inundated with new bugs, crazy issues, strange glitches and a whole host of other technical stuff we’re sure is keeping them up late at night.

Speaking over on the official MAG blog, Zipper’s Jeremy Dunham has come out and thanked everyone for their invaluable input while also explaining just what that pesky 10.4 error actually means.

The most common errors new beta-ers are reporting include the following:

  • Player-created Groups cannot chat with each other
  • Error 5:5 – Unexpected Disconnection at any time after logging into the game
  • Error 10:4 – Player can’t connect to the authentication server to play the game
  • Error 11:1 – Player can’t connect to the game universe after joining a queue
  • Error 13:5 – Player can’t connect to the game server

It’s safe to say that if you’re getting one of the above, there’s no need to tell Zipper about it as they’re working around the clock to improve the servers with updates so such connection maladies are no longer an issue. The good news is that these updates are all server-side, so no more downloading massive files for us.

Expect the first major server update to be rolled out in the next twelve hours.