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Mega Man 10: The full boss roster

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 January 2010One Comment

We’ve already known about the awkwardly named Sheep Man for awhile now but as for the other seven Robot Masters, we’ve been left in the dark.

Read no further if you wish to keep their names a secret until Mega Man 10 launches. But who would want to do that?

Up until now, only silhouettes have been shown and guesses have been made. Thanks to Destructoid (and the Japanese magazine CoroCoro), we now know the names of all eight Robot Masters we’ll be facing.

  • Commando Man: Attacks with a powerful explosive wave.
  • Blade Man: Attacks with three swords.
  • Nitro Man: Can transform into a motorcycle.
  • Sheep Man: Splits up and creates lightning strikes.
  • Solar Man: Absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head.
  • Chill Man: Fires an icy shot.
  • Pump Man: Has a water-themed shield weapon.
  • Strike Man: Throws a powerful fastball.

None of them really come as a surprise as Capcom has been going with the same themes for years now. Ice boss? Check. Fire boss? Check. Sharp metal object boss? Check.

That being said, who’s your favorite? Blade Man gets our vote. 1) He has the same first name as our favorite vampire hunter. 2) Three blades are always better than two.