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SEGA throws down the Project Needlemouse gauntlet

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 January 2010No Comment

SEGA recently revealed that Sonic would be the only playable character in the upcoming game – Project Needlemouse

The announcement was drawn out over five days via a massive online campaign involving major input from Sonic fans.

It seems that this was so successful SEGA are doing it again, so what do they have in store for us this time?

The premise is simple and has been laid out over at the SEGA blogs;

“We want you guys to create your own concept art based on your favorite Badniks from the original Sonic games. It can be any Badnik from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, or any other Sonic games of that era. Pick your favorite(s), draw them up concept art style, and send it our way! (Japanese not required!)”

If over one hundred pieces of concept art are submitted then SEGA will release some very special information:

  • Project Needlemouse’s actual name
  • Concept art from the first Zone
  • A “very cool” extra bonus

To provide some inspiration SEGA have also released one additional piece of enemy concept art.  Fans of the original Sonic should recognise this little fella, as they will have destroyed about several hundred of them in the past.

This guy is going to have a very bad day when Project Needlemouse is released!

So what do you guys think?  Do you admire SEGA’s marketing push, or does Sonic apathy still reign supreme?