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Project Needlemouse – has Sonic gone solo?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 January 20105 Comments

SEGA have announced that the next Sonic game – tentatively titled ‘Project Needlemouse’ – will feature Sonic, and Sonic only.  

The Sonic universe has expanded significantly over the last decade to include Rabbits, Frogs, Cats, Werehogs and odd floating things (sorry Chip, we have no idea what you are).

These characters have never garnered much affection from fans and often got in the way of the fast flowing gameplay that defined the Sonic games of the 1990s.

What hasn’t helped matters is the fact that the current generation of Sonic games haven’t been particularly good.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ was released in 2007 to a pasting from both fans and the media, and SEGA’s latest offering ‘Sonic Unleashed’ showed us a glimmer of brilliance buried underneath some boring Werehog sections.

Hopefully SEGA can put all that behind them and produce the Sonic game that fans have been crying out for, and by ditching the bulging cast of characters they have certainly come out fighting.  They have even provided some concept art showing one of the enemies.

I tried to think of a witty comment - I failed

What we will mention though is that series stalwarts – Tails and Knuckles – weren’t on the list of rejected characters, curious.

So what’s the verdict?  Shall we have faith that this game will be awesome, or should SEGA just call it a day?