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PS3 Digital TV Recorder announced for Japan

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 January 2010One Comment

PlayTV has been a large success in the PAL territory as it provides free digital TV content and recording just by purchasing the twin decoder.

Now Japan as its own version in the form of ‘Torne’.

Just like PlayTV, the hardware is equally unattractive but it does punch some cool features such as PSP export and Remote Play.

It even comes with a card slot which we assume is to link subscribers of the TV provider to the device.

But what amazes us the most is that this one comes with trophies! Earn a trophy by successfully recorded something? By watching TV for an hour? We’re just throwing guesses up in the air but it is quite amusing that such a device supports this feature.

The contents of the box

More details are on the way but it will cost 9,980 Yen and SCEJ will also bundle this device with the new 250GB PS3 that launches there next month as well.

This leaves now North America as the only major territory left to not receive any TV hardware for the PlayStation 3. We hope that SCEA are cooking something up to announce in the future!