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It’s official – The PS3 won’t give you rickets

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 January 201011 Comments

Both The Times and METRO ran headlines last week claiming that a report written at Newcastle University found that the playing of video games has led to an increase in rickets.

Well, fans of common sense rejoice because Dr Timothy Cheetham, one of the people who helped write the report, has come forward with the real results.

You guys are going to have to indulge us for a minute while we have a bit of a rant.  Team Attitude cannot stand mis-informed, shock tactic headlines – especially when it’s regarding the games industry.

We took the time to read the actual report that was released by Newcastle University, and the difference between it and the story that was actually produced is like night and day.

We think it’s best to let Dr Timothy Cheetham sum it up – take it away Doc!

“I understand METRO has said that we have linked computers to rickets, whereas we are actually saying [that] lack of outdoor activity in childhood is a risk for poor [vitamin] D nutritional state.

We do not say that gaming causes rickets.

The average age of a child with rickets is around 20 months old: too young to use a keyboard and mouse!”

Think this can’t get any better?  Well hold on to your hats as Cheetham’s fellow professor, Simon Pearce, has contacted MP Tom Watson with the following comments;

“No we really didn’t do a study to show that, or say that Gaming causes rickets. It was a classic piece of dodgy lazy journalism, taking three words out of PA’s hyped-up version of our press release.”

Common sense – 1

Lazy journalism – 0