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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2010 : # 20 – #11

Submitted by on Monday, 4 January 2010One Comment

ps3attitude-white-292 We hope you enjoyed reading about what games we’re looking forward to this year as part of our ten part Most Wanted series.

Of course, such a collective Top 10 Most Wanted games was just that: a democratic selection of titles voted by the staff here at the site with the fairest voting mechanism we could think of.

But it was close, real close. In fact, the game that came 11th in our list had the same number of votes as Alpha Protocol (our 10th pick), and was relegated to the annals of failure purely down to a complex system of weighting and analysis we won’t go into here.

So what of the ten games that challenged for a top 10 spot but just didn’t have the legs to make it over the line? Well, here they are in what we’re fittingly calling: 10 More Games of 2010 Wanted by PS3 Attitude Just Not As Much As The Other 10.


#20 – Super Street Fighter IV

With up to ten new characters, reworked intros and the return of the car-destroying bonus stage, Super Street Fighter IV promises to be everything Street Fighter IV was – with an extra coat of polish. With a reduced retail price (Capcom knows this does not warrant a full-priced product considering how similar it is to the original) those of us who have yet to pick up Street Fighter IV might as well wait a few months and enojy the definitive version. To the rest of you people who bought the first game, sorry, but surely you knew they’d do this. It’s Street Fighter for crying out loud!


#19 – BioShock 2

Returning to Rapture, this time as the original Big Daddy, BioShock 2 has dropped off our radar a little of late, probably explaining why it didn’t feature higher in the overall Most Wanted list. With the ability to leave Rapture and explore the nearby sea-bed, not to mention the hotly argued multiplayer element, BioShock 2 has a lot to live up to. But if it’s even close to the first game, we’re in for a real (wet) treat.


#18 – Dead Space 2

Speaking of returns, Isaac Clarke makes his in the eagerly anticipated Dead Space 2. Now taking place on “Sprawl”, Isaac is back for another bout of Necropmorph clean-up. With a multiplayer element all-but confirmed and Isaac now having a voice instead of being the laconic entity from the first game, we’re expecting big things from Dead Space 2. And so should you.


#17 – White Knight Chronicles

A late port of the Japanese game released in 2008, White Knight Chronicles garnered a few votes from those of us enchanted with the idea of a little guy transforming into a giant knight and laying waste to everything he sees. Known as Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodō (Knight Knight Legend: Ancient Heartbeat) in Japan, a sequel has already been announced. Just goes to show how long we’ve been waiting for this one.


#16 – MAG

Zipper’s adventurous 256 squad-based objective-driven frag-fest, MAG actually only picked up one individual vote in our voting process. It was a big enough nod to ensure the game featured in the top 20, however, just not enough to catapult it any higher. Those of you who have already played MAG in its beta state will know just what the rest of us have in store when MAG hits at the end of this month. For those of you still wanting to get an early taste before you jump, a new beta opens up for all today.


#15 – Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar’s open-world Western epic, Red Dead Redemption got a lot of tongues a-wagging when its first gameplay video hit at the end of last year. Lassoing criminals, stagecoach shenanigans and a massive cast of characters Rockstar have become renown for, Red Dead Redemption could be one of gaming highlights of 2010. It arrives this April.


#14 – Agent

Speaking of Rockstar. It’s testament to the studio’s history of producing top-notch quality games that a title that has literally only been mentioned at a conference can still pick up votes for games we can’t wait to get our hands on. Set in the murky underworld of the 70s, Agent offers a story laced with the usual traits found in some of the best 70s espionage movies. Though quoted as having a 2010 release date, we’re honestly not sure if it will make it. We sure hope it does.


#13 – Zombie MMO

The only reason Undead Labs’ untitled zombie MMO made this list was due to one writers’ fixation with the premise of building communities, making contact with other survivors and – the most important – killing as many zombies as humanly possible. The pedigree behind the title is there for everyone to see, and we have little doubt that this could be one of the surprise hits of 2010.


#12 – Bayonetta

Picking up more full marks that Torvill and Dean, Platinum Games’ sexy witch with attitude finally makes its appearance on these shores this week. With a colourful cast of saucy characters and insane action from the mind that gave us Viewitful Joe, Devil May Cry and Okami, Bayonetta – if you believe the hype – is one of the greatest third person action games ever. The PS3 Attitude jury is still out, hence why it failed to creep into the lauded top 10 list. We find out very soon.

1111 agency

#11 – The Agency

Though never a good sign that there’s been so little of your game in the media that those making it have to come out and ensure people that it’s not cancelled, we still have high hopes for SOE’s spy-MMO, The Agency. Two factions to choose from with an open-world full of NPCs who you can employ to help you, there’s something about The Agency’s look and feel that suggests – if it’s ever released – this could be a dream game for some of us here at Attitude Towers.

There you have it. The ten that almost made it. You can think of this article as a rare insight into the inner hive-mind here at PS3 Attitude; a glimpse of what other games have piqued our interest – sometimes only individually but enough to claim a high enough vote – due out in 2010.

Just because you might be interested, the following titles picked up some low-level votes and were also bandied about in our discussions: APB, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Resonance of Fate, Dante’s Inferno,  Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Starhawk, Under Siege and Final Fantasy XIV.

So, what did we miss?