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Submitted by on Sunday, 31 January 20104 Comments

Though we like to stay clear of the shady underbelly of the rumour machine here at PS3 Attitude, that doesn’t mean we can’t state the facts and let you guys put two and two together and come up with a spiky-haired speeding rodent.

We’ve already discussed how Project Needlemouse will feature SEGA’s renown mascot, Sonic, on his own. What seems to have come out now, however – thanks to some internet domain name investigations – is that Needlemouse could be in fact Sonic The Hedgehog 4.

The source of the speculation is the registration of the domain As discussed by Destructoid, the domain has been snapped up by someone called Brandon Klein. Looking closer, Klein’s email address is linked to another Brandon, this time Brandon Laurino. The same Brandon Laurino who just so happens to work for SEGA’s online division.

We find out more next week when the lid is completely lifted on what Needlemouse actually is. Feel free to add your own flavour of speculation below.

[Update] now redirects to the SEGA homepage. Plot … thickens …