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Super Street Fighter IV Anime has Juri, madness

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 January 20102 Comments

Getting in before our resident SF nut Delriach manages to snare the news, Capcom have announced that renown anime studio Gonzo will release a new anime movie based on the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV game.

And from the trailer embedded here, it’s looking pretty spectacular. 

We won’t be providing a complete translation to the trailer below (it’s long) but, suffice to say, Juri’s weird violet eye is referenced more than once, as is her penchant for kicking Chun Li right through the mid-drift.

Gonzo, who are probably best known outside of Japan for their word on Afro Samurai, have been working on the SSFIV anime for some time now. Finally, the movie is rumoured to be offered free to 360 fans who purchase the game – in Japan. No news as of yet regarding how Westerns – or PS3 fans – can get their hands on it.

Source: Joystiq.