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3D Dot Game Heroes Preview – Oh the nostalgia!

Submitted by on Friday, 19 February 2010No Comment

In a society where gamers expected the latest in 3D graphics and technology, there stands one game that returns to the classic pixelated times of old, sorta. We were given the opportunity to experience 3D Dot Game Heroes in all its glory, and we we’re quite impressed to say the least.

Our demo began with a quick look at the character editor and the many wonderful creations you can dream up. Our guide made a quick pixelated version of the lovable Domo-Kun sans body and arms. Right away we could tell that this was going to be awesome…

You can alter various stages of the character so that it will have different animations when it’s walking or attacking. For Domo, the sword projected from his mouth like a tongue when attacking. These little alterations are what bring the character to life.

There’s no doubt that people will flock to this feature and create some wonderful and amazing characters. Another good thing too is that your creations are transferable across all territories so sharing with friends couldn’t be easier.

Players will also start the game with more pre-made characters to select from too. There is Santa, a ninja, the president inside a mech (EPIC), and even a tank! Let’s not forget the throwbacks to old Atlus and From Software games either.

So if you’ve played any of the original Legend of Zelda’s you will be instantly familiar with the gameplay of 3D Dot Game Heroes. Let’s clear one thing up though; 3D Dot Game Heroes is not a carbon copy. The game is an homage to its predecessors and we feel that those who play it will find themselves on a nostalgic trip into the past.

There are simply too many references to name but everything, from the music to the gameplay, is reminiscent of our old NES days.  While much of the content may fly over the heads of the younger generation, they will still enjoy the humor found in it.

We got a glimpse of the first of seven different dungeons, filled with your typical enemies, puzzles and treasures, culminating in a boss battle against a giant snake. Nothing looked too challenging, this isn’t Demon’s Souls we’re talking about here, but the developers rest assured us that the game gets more difficult.

Aside from dungeon crawling, the world map features a variety of side quests and mini games. We got to take a look at two of the three present in the game; Block Defense and Blockout. The games play just like Tower Defense and Breakout clones, with a few changes as well.

Block Defense put you up against waves of increasingly difficult enemies as you rush to build various towers to attack them and defend the road to town. The mini game was surprisingly deep for what it was, with upgradeable weapons and leveling up.

We were especially impressed with how Blockout played. Your shield acts as the paddle and you can even bat the ball away with your sword. No doubt we’ll be spending a good amount of time playing these games within the game.

We’ll leave you with a few fun facts about the game:

  • Optional HDD install
  • Loading screens are tribute to classic video game box art (40 new for North America)
  • Boss battles are re-playable and necessary if you want to 100% the game
  • New Game+ mode
  • Hidden easter eggs including a cave filled with From Software employees

We can’t help but get excited after only seeing a small portion of 3D Dot Game Heroes. It keeps things simple and while nothing is exactly new to the game, it’s all compiled into one neat little package. Oh, and did we mention it’s $39.99 price tag? Yeah, this should be a no-brainer.