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3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer Raises Eyebrows.

Submitted by on Friday, 5 February 2010One Comment

3D Dot Heroes has been under scrutiny over its development cycle for a few reasons.

From bearing too close a resemblance to a certain Nintendo IP to outright plagiarism, it seems that we have been inundated with trailers and news about this title.

With a release in the US creeping up in just a few short months, Atlus have decided to take a different tack with their advertising and promotion techniques…

Take a look at the latest trailer for the game to get an idea of what we are getting at.

It’s not just us, is it? It does come across as an advertisement for… erm… ‘masculine’ products? Just the wording of it all, the styling – even the phrasing… ‘Do you lack confidence? Then see the Blacksmith, who will naturally enhance your sword’.*

Seems like things have gone a bit weird over at Atlus.

Still, we are intrigued, and will no doubt see this frequent at least one of the PS3s in Attitude Towers.

*Note – we do not actively seek out and watch ads for ‘masculine products’ – that is not what we are implying. Just that the trailer reminds us of what we THINK said ads would look like, if we were to ever see one. Ahem.