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Blue Toad Murder Files ep. 3 – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 February 2010One Comment

Today sees the release of the latest episode in Relentless Software’s self-published Blue Toad Murder Files series on the PlayStation Store.

What is different about today’s release?

Relentless are giving the latest episode away for free to anyone who purchased the first instalment. We went to Relentless’ HQ recently to play the latest chapter to completion.

Blue Toad Murder files is a whodunnit-em-up that combines puzzles with observation tests, challenging you and up to three friends to figure out who is guilty as charged.

The game is based in a small quiet English village called Little Riddle away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the game is being released on the PlayStation Network as an episodic series, with each story linking to the next.

Despite the fact that the storyline continues where the last episode ended, each of the games can be played independently without having prior knowledge of the plot, so anyone who picks up episode three today won’t have to play through the first two in the series to know what is going on.

However, playing the previous two may give you a distinct advantage. Why?

In episode three, Relentless have definitely increased the difficulty of the puzzles, which might be a bit of a shock to those who haven’t got ‘into the groove’ by playing the previous titles. Having said that, Blue Toad Murder Files still remains an accessible slice of fun that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

"A hole was found in the road today. Police are looking into it..."

The action centres on watching and listening intently to the action, then solving a puzzle that is linked to the current plotline. These conundrums are best solved as a group, and in our playthrough we found that – just as before – the puzzles brought out the best in everyone on the sofa. Those that were adept at maths could contribute when the controlling player wasn’t as numerically minded, and those with no spatial awareness could get help from the group during their turn.

After each player has controlled the action within a puzzle, BTMF challenges everyone on the team to an observation test, just to make sure you’ve been watching and listening.

The characters remain as colourful and fun as ever, and the voiceover work delivers once again as a cast of stereotypical misfits trundle through Little Riddle, leaving clues as they go to the murderer’s identity.

We played episode three through to completion in about 90 minutes, and for the price of zero pounds/euros, you really can’t go wrong.

In talking with the team at Relentless, they admitted that the only real criticism they have had in reviews of the initial adventures is that the episode prices were too high. By giving the third away to anyone who owns the first episode, and pricing the remaining three adventures at £9.99, they have dropped the average price to just £3.33 per adventure.

The Cheeky Girls have really let themselves go lately...

Episode three will be free of charge for a month, with the offer expiring on March 25th 2010.

With an average of 90 minutes enjoyment for £3.33 we think that is a fair price to pay, especially since an equivelant passive entertainment experience at the local cinema or DVD rental store will cost you at least that if not double the price of entry.

Heck, we spent three times that much today on a round of hot drinks at Attitude Towers!

Blue Toad Murder Files episode 3 is great value given that it will be free today for anyone who owns the first in the series, and with the average price of the three remaining slices of life in Little Riddle going for just under a tenner, we really feel it would be criminal not to take advantage.