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Capcom will be dropping a bomb in April – let the speculation begin!

Submitted by on Monday, 22 February 20108 Comments

Fans of being teased with cryptic statements rejoice – today is your lucky day!  The good people at Capcom have announced that they have something exciting to tell us – but we have to wait until April.

Will it be worth the wait?

Capcom are turning out to be quite the confusing company.  For every Street Fighter IV there’s a Dark Void, and for every Mega Man 10 there’s a Bionic Commando.

These quality peaks and troughs make it difficult to get excited about a game announcement.

On one hand it might be extremely awesome – but on the other hand it might be Dark Void 2, and if this is the case PS3 Attitude will be releasing Danny_D upon them.

Capcom man John Diamonon had a very brief statement to make on the US PlayStation blog;

“Oh, one other thing. I’ll be back in April for a huge announcement. Stay tuned and let the speculation begin!”

Normally we don’t speculate at PS3 Attitude, but we all heard what the man said – let the speculation begin!

How about ‘Resident Evil 6 – The Zombie Chronicles’.  Playing through the original game but this time from the zombie’s perspective.  No?

Somebody stop him!

OK, ‘Street Fighter 5 – The smashed up mini game car’s story’.  A chilling tale of an innocent car, brutally beaten whilst a timer counts down from thirty.

No? You guys are a tough crowd – lets hear your ideas instead…