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Capcom predict fall in console and software prices

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 20105 Comments

The games media industry spent much of 2009 getting all hot under the collar predicting a price drop for the PS3 – this duly came through Sony’s successful launch of the Slim. But should Capcom be believed, it looks like 2010 will be spent debating even further price cuts. Capcom are one of the industries longest-standing and most revered developers; they are responsible for several massive franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Okami and Devil May Cry. During an investor Q&A, Capcom predicted further price cuts to from all the consoles which will also lead to software sales falling:

“We believe that further declines in prices of consoles will cause a slow decline in prices of software as well.” “But we expect to see a rebound in software prices when the next generation of consoles goes on sale.”

Industry analyst, Michael Pachter has already predicted that Microsoft will lower the price of the Xbox 360 in order to dampen the launch of Sony’s Motion Controller. Sony may consider a price cut necessary for the PS3 to stay competitive. If a price drop does come to pass it can only be seen as good news for the public. Source