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Special Edition Unboxed – Dante’s Inferno: Death Edition

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 February 2010One Comment

Ever wanted a game, but weren’t sure which edition to get? Then PS3 Attitude is here to help, in a new occasional feature known as Special Edition Unboxed!

With special editions of games becoming increasingly more common, you’ll be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice gamers are subjected to these days.

Exactly what you get in the box can sometimes be a little unclear, so the purpose of this new feature is not only to let you know what you get for your money, but also to give our impressions, and ultimately decide whether it’s worth getting over the standard edition.

To kick off this new feature, we’re going to hell with the Death Edition of the awesome Dante’s Inferno. In the UK, this edition is exclusive to GAME and is currently being sold in-store at £54.99 (£49.99 online), as opposed to £39.99 for the standard edition. At a hefty £10-15 price difference, you’ll rightly be expecting a lot of content.

The packaging itself is a slide-out case, which folds out to reveal the game disc, user manual and bonus disc – it’s all nicely presented. The cover itself is a holographic version of the regular cover: a close up of Dante with all kinds of death behind him.

This is what your extra £15 gets you - looks nice, right?

The first piece of exclusive content is the downloadable Dead Space Playable Character Costume, which allows you to play through the whole game in the outfit worn by Isaac Clarke in Visceral’s other major franchise, Dead Space. It looks good, but we can’t shake the feeling that it feels a little out of place in this game.

Of more interest is the bonus disc. Disappointingly, it’s only a DVD, but the quality is better than we were expecting. The first clip is the five-minute long ‘Director’s Commentary Video’, which is sadly only a short compilation of the Developer Diaries currently available on the PlayStation Store. It surely would have been easy to just put the full Developer Diaries on the disc, but for whatever reason, they didn’t. Thankfully, the remaining videos are better, and are actually exclusive.

The ‘Animated Feature Video’ gives us a teaser of the animated movie of Dante’s Inferno, available now on DVD and Blu-Ray. Then there’s ‘Scoring the Inferno’, a quick look at how the music was composed to fit with the world of the game, and ‘Dante in History’, a ten-minute video that details the life of Dante Alighieri, and specifically what inspired him to write the Divine Comedy. Finally, there’s the ‘Digital Art Book’, in which artist Wayne Barlowe talks about how he created the concept artwork for the game. These videos are interesting enough, but again, we would have liked to see more.

Regrettably, the cover also promises the ‘Full Game Soundtrack’, which unless the Internet and us are going crazy, appears to actually only be 30 second samples. As well as false advertising, this is also very disappointing, as the music in the game is excellent. The final feature on the bonus disc is a link to an online version of the poem, which is a nice addition but we’re not sure how many people will actually read the whole thing on a computer screen. It also happens to be available to everyone who knows the password, regardless of whether they own the Death Edition or not.


Put simply, for £10-15 extra you get the nice slide-out packaging, the downloadable Dead Space Costume, and the bonus DVD that includes half an hour of videos. The tragedy is that this could easily have been fantastic value with just a few more videos and if the soundtrack was working properly. As it is, you should probably give this one a miss, especially as the standard edition comes with a fair amount of special features anyway. True, the packaging looks smart but when that’s the main reason you give for purchasing it, you know something isn’t right.

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