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Developers now have 70MB of additional RAM to bring you sexy graphics

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 February 20102 Comments

You know those firmware updates which seem like they never do anything? Well apparently they bring about astonishingly good benefits for developers. Indeed, recent updates managed to cut down the operating system’s memory footprint enough to free up 70MB of RAM for developers to use.

The PS3 is fitted with 512MB of RAM, so if our maths are correct, that is a whopping 13.67% that Sony has freed up for developers to play with.

While this won’t have much effect on gameplay, art teams will certainly find it beneficial.

Patrick Seybold, Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for SCEA confirmed the news to Joystiq.

“Since the launch of the PS3, we have been continuously making efforts to reinforce our support system to game developers, allowing them to express their creativity freely on the PS3. As part of this support for game development, the size of the PS3 OS memory footprint has been reduced through network update for the game developers.”