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EA watching the Motion Controller with “great interest”

Submitted by on Monday, 8 February 20105 Comments

As previously reported, Sony are planning to release their motion controller towards the back end of this year.  The latest company to throw their hat in the ring is EA – but have they got anything they can announce to us yet? 

Love them or hate them EA is still one of the more influential companies around, and with their massive sports division they are definitely someone Sony should be courting with their new motion control technology.

In an interview with CVG, EA’s Peter Moore had the following to say about the controller;

“I’ve seen the technology working. I think it’s going to be a great complement to what’s out there. Sony will put their collective technology and marketing might behind it.

It’s a different experience than Wii and we’re watching it with great interest. As you might imagine, we’re working on stuff – in particular on what sports can bring to it.

One thing we’ve learnt with the Wii is that we can afford [to spend time on building bespoke games]. The two that stand out in terms of authentic sports motion on Wii are golf and tennis. If you can capture that motion, that brings the game to life in a very unique way. We’re looking at how we bring that sports credibility and authenticity to life with Sony’s new platform.”

So whilst its disappointing EA aren’t telling us more – we suspect that E3 will be the time and place – it’s good to see they are impressed.

Would it be awfully controversial if Team Attitude were to read between the lines of Peter’s statement that Sony’s product is a “different experience than Wii”?  To us, ‘different’ translates into ‘more accurate and efficient, and we hope EA can take advantage of that fact and not just port across old Wii Motion Plus games like Grand Slam Tennis.

Heck – maybe Peter will like it so much, he’ll get a Motion Controller tattoo.

What do you guys think?