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More existing franchises to get motion controller updates

Submitted by on Friday, 12 February 2010One Comment

Momentum is building for the Fall release of Sony’s Motion controller, but it seems that they may be looking to the past to attract new sales.

Despite being released this year, the motion controller is still somewhat of an unknown quantity.

We don’t know the price, the launch lineup, or even the name.

Some may say that this is a clever marketing ploy – treat them mean and keep them keen.

However, others may say it’s so that Sony don’t show their hand to Microsoft too soon – an idea that analyst Michael Pachter might agree with.

In all honesty we think it’s a combination of the two.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Michael Denny, senior VP of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe had the following to say;

“When you give our development teams exciting new technology, it’s great to see the experiences they come up with.

And that’s both in terms of new concepts and new games, but also the application of those technologies to our existing franchises.

We are both working on new games and looking at applications to our existing franchises.”

Should Sony be looking back to go forward?  We don’t want to sound negative but this strategy was adopted with the Wii in it’s first year on sale, and that produced some truly awful games.

What’s really needed are some amazing bespoke games that show off what the controller is capable of.

Lets hope Sony chooses it’s franchises on motion control suitability rather than popularity.