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Fairytale Fights spills more blood with Treasure Pack 1

Submitted by on Monday, 8 February 2010No Comment

Once upon a time in a story far, far, away, we announced that the hack n’ slash bloodbath that is Fairytale Fights would be getting some free DLC. Well the wait is finally over my friends and come February 11th, you’ll be able to spill blood with four new playable characters in three new PvP arenas.

Joining the cast of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack and The Naked Emperor are Bones, Princess Afia, Grandma Red and Puss in Boots.

Name: Bones
Original Fairytale: I was born right here in Taleville
Age: Born in 2002
Profession: Anthropologist

I am 2 ft tall and I have a love for life, milk, calcium and all things dairy… Don’t tell anyone, but it was really me who sold the beans to Jack, I really wanted his cow! My favourite saying is ‘Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift… Because it is the present.’

Name: Princess Afia
Original Fairytale: Unknown
Age: Not documented
Profession: Fairytale Princess

My name is Afia and I come from a land far far away. I like things that sparkle and twinkle… Diamonds, Pearls, Double edged swords! I am looking for my prince – have you seen him?

Name: Grandma Red
Original Fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood
Age: Ummm.. A little older then Red!
Profession: Being a Grandma

I am Little Red’s grandma; I live in the woods and have many forest friends. I mostly enjoy baking and spending time with my visitors. Until recently, I didn’t have many, but Little Taylor has kept me company.

Name: Puss in Boots
Original Fairytale: Le Maistre Chat, ou Le Chat Botté
Age: 281 (I do have nine lives)
Profession: devotedly and diligently serving his master (so he thinks)

I am Puss in Boots, I am the master of trickery and deceit! In my time, I have fought many a monster, and I have only lost one of my nine lives! Pretty good going don’t you think?

Here are the three new PvP arenas you’ll be able to use the various characters in, as well as the usual story mode.

Time to Die – In Time to Die, players have to traverse the tricky elevators on both sides of the room. The battlefield is small, the action is dense! Get to the weapons, risk your own life and slaughter your enemy. Your opponent is just waiting for you to make a mistake!

Rooftop Rumble – On top of the snow covered rooftops you must fight! Use the bridge to throw your opponent into the thorns, crush them against the wall or simply use it as access to the floors below. Trick your enemy into a false sense of security and when the time is right, fire your arrow (triggering the bridge), giving your careless opponent a nice surprise! A bloody surprise!

Cannon Ball Bay – Cannon Ball Bay is made up from 5 islands, and a Pirate ship. Fighting on islands means a lot of pushing and trying to shoot each other into the water, however when you take control over the cannon the fighting changes to a cat and mouse game. Take your 3 chances to shoot at your enemy whilst they cower and hide – this will be carnage!