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Final Fantasy XIII going 3D?

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 February 2010One Comment

Final Fantasy XIII producer – Yoshinori Kitase – has commented on the fact he’s interested in the possibility of upgrading the game into stereoscopic 3D to take advantage of the upcoming PS3 firmware update.

Is this a viable use of the companies resources?

3D TVs are being touted as the next big media innovation.  CES 2010 was full of them, and with 3D Blu-ray’s on the horizon and Sky set to launch a 3D TV channel in April it seems Square Enix wants to jump on the bandwagon.

Kitase had the following to say;

“We don’t know how possible it is to build the game in 3D but we are interested in it.

In fact, we have already created a 3D Final Fantasy XIII trailer, which is currently showing in Japanese cinemas alongside the film Avatar.

Currently, that’s only available in Japan, but there might be an opportunity for a wider release in the future.”

Is it a good idea for Square Enix to go down this path?  While it’s true that certain PS3 games have been shown in 3D, the results have been a bit hit and miss.

More importantly though, will enough people own a 3D TV to make this a financially worthwhile venture?

Manufacturers are being a bit tight lipped on prices, but the general consensus is there will be a premium of about ten to fifteen percent over normal HD TVs.  Not as bad as you might think, but in a recession that price increase will make all the difference.

Don’t get us wrong – Final Fantasy XIII in 3D would be an amazing experience, but we don’t want to see Square Enix lose a lot of money in a time where companies are shedding staff left, right and centre.

We guess time will tell on this one.

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