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Final Fantasy XIII started on PS2

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 2010No Comment

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII was an exclusive PS3 game until the company announced that it was coming to Xbox 360 as well.

But once upon a time, the game was being developed on the PS2.

In two new books from Square Enix, early artwork and screenshots of FInal Fantasy XIII have been published, which give information about the development process of Square Enix’s most popular franchise.

"Urgh, I hate fighting without my textures on."

What is most surprising is that the screens are from before E3 2006, when the game was announced, which means the screens are from a PS2.

"Lets see you catch me up here! Oh."

The art style is notably different, while some models don’t have textures yet. However, it looks like they decided to keep the battle system as it was.

"Can we stop yet? I'm getting tired."

Would you have preferred another PS2 Final Fantasy game? Or was it the right time to move to PS3? Leave a comment below.