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More details revealed on FirstPlay

Submitted by on Monday, 22 February 20103 Comments

Many of you, including us, are very interested in FirstPlay, the new weekly video magazine that will be arriving on the European PlayStation Store next month for 99p per episode.

The Lost Gamer were lucky enough to speak to Editor-in-Chief of the UK Official PlayStation Magazine Tim Clark about the new service.

Unlike the US version entitled Qore, he explains FirstPlay is less feature driven and is a vehicle for gamers to get similar content from a print magazine but with the chance to see the games in HD.

He also answered fears that content would get repeated on episodes, and said it will be fresh each week with some regular features such as PlayStation Network highlights, which focuses on the best new game content including minis and even SingStar performances.

He added that any free DLC included will be available on multiple episodes as it’s hard to get new content in this respect every week.

Talking about the adverts in the magazine, he explains that they will only be added at the beginning of the video pieces, will last no longer than 30 seconds, and after they are watched at least once they can be skipped. They are also open to commercial partners from any type of business, not necessary game related.

In terms of free episodes, he has no plans to offer anything for nothing, but there will be a teaser trailer each week so you know what you will be paying for.

Each episode will weigh in at around one gigabyte excluding any DLC, so if you have little space on your hard drive, you might want to start clearing some space.

When asked about special discounts for Official PlayStation Magazine subscribers, the good news is that Tim Clark says there is a good chance that something will happen in that respect sometime down the pipeline.

Finally, if the UK launch goes well, they hope to release the service for the whole PAL territory which is excellent news.

It sounds like the service will have a lot of benefit to us gamers, and has potential to be a great success!

In the mean time, follow them at @FirstPlay_UK