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Gordon Brown in support of the UK’s game industry

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 February 20102 Comments

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has commented on the fact that he thinks the UK has the most important games industry in Europe.

Could it be that he’s actually a secret Killzone 2 fan?  Now that is someone we would vote for.

Unfortunately, the more likely reason is the upcoming election, which isn’t swinging in Gordon Brown’s favour at the moment.

Positive comments towards the games industry would go down well – but let’s not get too excited.  Only recently British developers were denied a modest tax break, which would have brought them into line with places such as Canada.

Tax break proposals were rejected by the Treasury, who said it didn’t believe the accompanying evidence and didn’t think the figures added up.

Is it just us, or is that fist bitingly rich coming from a government who have been dragged through the mud regarding fraudulent expense claims?

Anyway, we digress.  Speaking on a podcast about the upcoming Global Investment Conference, Gordon Brown had the following to say regarding the UK games industry;

“We’re leading the way in creative industries: by far the biggest producer of computer games in Europe.

And we’re leading the way in digital communications: In a country with only one per cent of the world’s population, more than a third of all Internet traffic is routed through UK servers.

This coming week is another chance to showcase the UK. This is not just a talking shop though. There will be new commitments of investment off the back of this conference.”

We think the natural reaction to this is to roll our eyes disbelievingly.  Politicians who understand the video games industry are few and far between, and certainly not loud enough to be heard over the roar of the disapproving.

Put your money where your mouth is Gordon, and prove us all wrong.  Until then developers such as Codemasters and Rebellion probably shouldn’t hold their breath.