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Gran Turismo 5 now coming out in Autumn?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 February 20103 Comments

Gran Turismo 5 was last targeted for the summer in the west, but recently it was announced that the Japanese release was delayed.

Now we hear that it may actually release in Europe in the Autumn! The driving simulator that have been delayed over and over again may now be further away that we thought.

The news comes from an interview with CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal James Armstrong where he had this to say (translated):

We want to release this game in Autumn, before Christmas, but it is not decided yet. GT5 is a big thing for Sony, a very important game for the company, which will generate a lot of income.

Of course we really need to hear a proper announcement before we can feel depressed about the news. But the game feels like it will never get into our hands.

We understand that Polyphony Digital want to make it the best game possible, but the delays are starting to get tiresome. If this is true, hopefully will be the last one.

Tell us what the possible delay means to you, and whether you think enough is enough in the comments.