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GTA IV is the most expensive game ever

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 February 20107 Comments

Digital Battle has formulated a list of the top ten most expensive game budgets of all time, proving that this generation of gaming is by far the most expensive ever.

There are five titles representing PS3 on the list through Killzone 2, L.A. Noire, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Theft Auto IV. With a budget of 100 million dollars, Grand Theft Auto IV is way ahead at the top. Final Fantasy XII is the only representative from the PS2 era listed.

With budgets this large it is hard to imagine these games making any profit at all.

The complete list is below:

  1. Grand Theft Auto: $100 m
  2. Gran Turismo: $80 m
  3. Shenmue: $70 m
  4. Too Human: $60+ m
  5. Metal Gear Solid: $60m
  6. Halo 3: $55m
  7. APB: $50m
  8. L.A. Noire: $50m
  9. Final Fantasy XII: $48m
  10. Killzone 2: $45m

Maybe the only explanation for Gran Turismo 5’s long delay is Polyphony Digital are keen to steal the crown of Rockstar for the most expensive game.

Was this money well spent? leave your thoughts below…