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Heavy Rain freezing up

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 February 20104 Comments

Reports are in that our friends in the USA are having issues with their copies of Heavy Rain.  Is all of Sony’s excellent promotional work about to be washed away?

Many major releases have bugs when released – which is why God invented the patch.  This particular bug seems to be freezing the game, and in extreme circumstances corrupting save data.

PS3 Attitude can confirm these problems, as they have affected our very own Delriach’s copy of the game.

Enough people have complained to get Sony worried.  A spokesperson issued the following statement;

“Hi folks, this is just to let you know that the issues reported in this thread and elsewhere are being looked into.

One word of advice we’ve had already is to avoid switching off your PlayStation while the game is in black screen as this may be affecting your save game. There have been a few reports of incidents where game saves have taken longer than would normally be expected – and with a black screen present it may leave the assumption that the game has crashed. In these circumstances we recommend you wait at least 5 minutes before rebooting.”

So essentially we are being told to turn it off and on again – how very cliche!

With the European launch tomorrow, we will have to wait and see whether these complaints turn from a shower into a flood.