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Heavy Rain is a ‘gamble’ – Sony

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 2010One Comment

In an interview with CVG, Sony’s product manager for Heavy Rain  has commented that the platform holder has taken a gamble by supporting Quantic Dream’s magnum opus – but that ultimately they have faith in the team and the game.

Will this faith pay off?

Although Heavy Rain isn’t due out for a few weeks the early signs are positive, with institutions such as GamesMaster and PlayStation Official Magazine UK lavishing praise on it.

However, success in the media doesn’t always translate to success at retail.  This doesn’t seem to phase the Sony product manager for Heavy Rain though, and she had the following to say;

“Being Sony, I suppose we have a little more luxury to take a gamble on more original and innovative IP – and Heavy Rain definitely fits that category.

I suppose the risk is lessened if you have faith in the team behind the game and David and Guillaume and the guys at Quantic Dreams have really impressed, not just in terms of their back catalogue – Farenheit – but also in terms of the tech demos they showed in the run up to Heavy Rain.

It would love for it to achieve [recognition as a watershed moment]. I really believe Heavy Rain has a great chance of breaking out. As well as the reviews, there also feels like there is a real groundswell of anticipation from gaming communities and trade alike – so let’s see how it goes.”

There is a genuine buzz about Heavy Rain here at Attitude Towers – but also a sense of trepidation.  This is a real ‘Marmite’ game, and it is bound to turn as many people off as it does attract.

We applaud Sony and Quantic Dreams for producing something so ‘out of the box’; lets just hope enough people sample the end product to make them want to continue taking gambles.