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No More Heroes gets Japanese release date

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 February 2010One Comment

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise has been given an official release date of April 15th in Japan.  There are no dates for other territories yet, but is it a game worth waiting for?

The original No More Heroes was a Wii exclusive released back in March 2008.

The premise was simple, after winning a lightsaber type weapon in an auction, the protagonist – Travis Touchdown – was tasked with killing the world’s top ten assassins. 

Why would he bother to do this?  Well, he’s on a promise from a mysterious sexy lady – if he becomes the world’s number one assassin, she will sleep with him!

We did have a comment for this - but it was far too rude

What follows is a part brawler, part GTA, part wrestling game that is all types of crazy – but you would expect nothing less from Suda51.

We always felt that the game was held back by the Wii’s technical limitations.  It had a terrible frame rate at times, and the open world sections were almost completely barren.

As the PS3 version is just an updated port of the original game, can we expect any changes?

Well one things for sure, it’ll be dragged kicking and screaming into shiny HD, and we have been promised at least one additional mode “where the ladies aren’t wearing too many clothes”.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is motion controls.  With the Sony motion controller on the horizon this would be the perfect game to show off to the critics.