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The Homerun – 25th February 2010; White Knight Chronicles and many costumes

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 February 2010No Comment

Welcome to the Homerun for the 25th of February 2010 – the best place for news and views on the latest content for PlayStation Home.

This week is dominated by costumes for different gaming franchises, and a White Knight Chronicles photo competition.

For this Homerun we will start with the content for Europe.

If you’re a fan of White Knight Chronicles, this Home update is for you. The Home gallery events space has been refurnished with various backdrops put up around the room.

You and three other friends must pose together in front of the various settings, take a good picture of yourselves, and then email your photos to Of course you should use the built in screenshot facility in Home to take the pictures, which automatically saves them to your hard drive.

Wow he has a big sword!

The sender of the best five pictures will win a real-life White Knight statuette. It’s a shame that the prize will be limited to only one person, but if you want to win this statuette, you have four weeks to email your pictures.

Finally in Europe there is new clothing in the form of Lumines t-shirts and hats.

That really is it for this week in Europe. Is the content for North America any better? Sadly the answer is no – unless you’re a virtual item whore.

Uncharted is expanding in Home this week with various character costumes including Nathan Drake, Sully and Chloe Frazier. Meanwhile there are also some SOCOM and Warhawk costumes too.

Sony would also like to remind you that their own reality series The Tester, where the winner takes a seat as a gamer tester for SCEA, is running in PlayStation Home Theatre. You’ll win a free item for just visiting, and there are more to buy in the Mall.

Well guys, that didn’t take long. The content has really dried up this week, but since we couldn’t fill you in last week on the Thursday’s massive inflow of Home content, we’ll give you a quick reminder of what was new.

Both Europe and North America received a new Motorstorm Carrier space featuring an interactive DJ area, arcade, merchandise stand and of course who could forget the rewards!

Both regions also got a brand new Loco Roco personal space which is set on a small island in a very hot place. It features characters from the games including Mui Mui and Chuppa, as well as many other features that we will leave you to discover.

Finally Europe also took several updates to the very cool Sodium game spaces.

North America on the other hand also got a new PlanetLand personal space as seen below, and four new stores in the Mall which are the Sodium store, a Loot store, an EA store and a store full of limited edition items.

But the big news from last week was that LucasArts are partnering with Sony to deliver Star Wars and Indiana Jones costumes and a store to Home, and this is sure to get a lot of attention from fans. We do not know when these goodies will arrive, but we cannot wait to see what arrives.

And that is it for this week. After the great content last Thursday, we guess it isn’t too much of a surprise that there was little to give this week. We have our fingers-crossed that they will be kind to us next time!

Sources: EU PlayStation Blog | US PlayStation Blog